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 Mens' League 2022


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Format(s) subject to change.
Tee times are approximate. 
Confirm exact time with ProShop prior to the event

2022 Mens Club Application


Click the link, print the application, fill it out, bring it out to the course. You're in!

everyone should know 


What your money goes for when you join the Men’s Club

The money for GHIN goes to the CGA to register your GHIN number.
The rest of the money goes to pay for operating costs of the Men’s Club and paying for
drinks and food at some of the tournaments.
Also, the Men’s Club adds money to the payouts for some of the tournaments and buys the
trophies for the Championship. Members must pay for Tournaments and Thursday play
in order to win skins and placement monies. If you do not pay to play in the event, then 
your score(s) will not be sent to CGA and there is no chance to win any money.

Online tournament sign-up

 Easier for you, easier for our counter!

We will have each MC tourney available on Saddlebacks Mens Club online store.
Pass Holders and Employees will have to sign up at the Pro Shop

League Set-up

Thursday league play is all day (given you are playing with another member).

There are two games played each Thursday.
An entry fee of $5 is mandatory for the Thursday tournament to be a participant.
An optional Skins play (Gross and Net) is available for a $10 entry.
Skins entry is for both Gross & Net

Gross skins is based on your score for each hole.
If you receive a birdie on ahole and no one else in your flight does, you win a skin.
If you have a birdie on a hole and someone else has a birdie on the same hole,
THAT skin is then “covered up” and becomes a wash.
One tie all tie.

Net skins wins are the same as Gross skins
except your handicap is applied to the holes played.



Mens’ Club tournaments are played in two scoring formats

Stroke Play- “You verses the field”.
You are playing against all other members in your flight,
your cumulative score will be used at the end of your round


Match Play- “You verses your opponent”
This playing field is much smaller,
typically just you against one other opponent



The Best Men's Club in the country 
We have about 200 'above-average' men in our club

How about some Thursday play (anytime?)
 ...not just a block of t-times that may or may not work for you! 

How about a Member/Guest with over $50,000 in the Calcutta pot?
(plus, it raised almost $10,000 for a local Veteran's charity)

How about a competitive field from 3 sets of t-boxes?

How about 11 weekend tournaments throughout the 2020 season?

How about payouts for Net and Gross placements
as well as both
Net and Gross skins?

How about it?


Get Directions 8631 Frontier Street, Firestone, CO 80504 | Reservations: (303) 833-5000|