Weddings & Events

Weddings & Events

Saddleback Golf Course’s Wedding Pavilion is a beautiful romantic setting set on the mezmorizing Front Range.
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Welcome to Saddleback Golf Club

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Our Driving Range is typically closed on Monday evenings
(a few hours before sunset)
so we can get all the balls picked up for the 
Tuesday morning mowing
(a few hours after sunrise)
suppose-a-blee, it's smarter than just mowing them

Sorry, for any inconvenience
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The Tavern Restaurant and other goings-on

The Tavern is open 
Thursday thru Sunday  
but only when there are (at the least) 70 golfers out playing
and the weather is conducive to golfing
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Golf Instruction

Lessons will help
MENTAL golf time well spent
Registration for any lesson or program is easy:

Simply text your name, program name and program date to:

 Paul McQuade: 970.556.0873

Call, text or email for more information on all programs.

Get Directions 8631 Frontier Street, Firestone, CO 80504 | Reservations: (303) 833-5000|