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    Coed Senior League

 Even though the 2022 Senior League Season
has come to a close, 
we will leave this information here
until the 2023 season kicks off 

It will give you a general idea 
as to what the 2023 league should look like


 Saddleback Co-Ed Senior League 2022

May 4th -  September 21st

The goal of the Saddleback Senior Golf League is to promote the enjoyment of the game of golf by senior (50 and over) golfers
and create a fellowship among its members through organized weekly play. 

We welcome all senior golfers who find enjoyment in the game of golf and would like to meet other senior golfers.
We will strive to have fun, meet new friends and play competitively for prizes in a socially
companionable environment without being highly competitive. 

We will have weekly games that are all based on net scores using league specific handicaps
based on league scores only (no need for a GHIN number).
The World Handicap System (WHS)
adopted for 2020 and beyond by the USGA and R&A is built into the software
used to administer the league. 

The annual fee to join the league is $6 to cover software costs ($6/year per player). 

Each week players will pay $5 toward prize money for the day
(low net score, 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc. depending on the number of players)
plus closest to the pin and long putt games.
In addition, there will be an optional skins game ($2/play day) based on net scores/hole.
All prizes will be paid in club house credits and skins prizes will be paid in cash.
Players can participate in skins once their league handicap is established
(after two rounds of league play).
New players are not charged the $5 prize fee until after their first two rounds are completed.
Players must play with at least one other player who will validate submitted scores. 

Tee Times & Pairings: 

League play will begin on Wednesday, May 4th (weather permitting)
with T times beginning at approximately 7:30 A.M.
Players are requested to check in with the league desk
no later than ½ hour prior to your assigned T time
so we can utilize the T times set aside by the club for league play that day.
Weekly T time requirements will be based on the number of registered members.
Indications of availability will be collected for the next and following weeks
to determine T time requirements.
League membership fees ($6), prize fees ($5) and optional skins fees ($2)
must be paid (no credit cards) to league management in the Tavern,
Saddleback golf fees are paid to Saddleback in the golf shop.
We are asking all players to pay prize and skins fees four weeks in advance.
Each golfer’s player cash account with balances remaining will be maintained by league managers and available on the website.
Payment is to be via cash or personal check made out to Larry Kappel,
placed in an envelope with your name and items the funds are to cover
(annual fee, prize fee & skins fee, if in skins) listed on the envelope.
Each week your account will be credited with the fees for that week until your balance is depleted and then you will be asked to replenish it. 

If you have any questions regarding this league, please contact league managers,
Larry Kappel, or CD Osborne.
If any other potential members would be interested in assisting with league operations,
they are welcome to join us. 

Larry Kappel (303) 638-2062, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 

CD Osborne (303) 588-2999 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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