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    Coed Senior League

Saddleback Ladies & Gentlemen Senior League

Senior League 2018

The goal of the Saddleback Senior Golf League is to promote the enjoyment of the game of golf by senior (50 and over) golfers and create a fellowship among its members through organized weekly play.

We welcome all senior golfers who find enjoyment in the game of golf and would like to meet other senior golfers. We will strive to have fun, meet new friends and play competitively for prizes in a socially companionable environment without being highly competitive.

 We will have weekly games that are all based on net scores using league specific handicaps based on league scores only (no need for a GHIN number). The fee to join the league is $20 to cover any administrative costs (which are expected to be minor), most of which will be utilized for lunch and prize money on the last day league scramble.  Depending on the cost of the menu golfers may need to contribute some amount for the lunch but we will keep that as low as possible.

 Each week players will pay $5 toward prize money for the day (low net score, 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc. depending on the number of players) plus closest to the pin and long putt games.  In addition, there will be an optional skins game ($2/play day) based on net scores/hole.  Prizes for placement, long putt and closest to will be paid in club house credits and skins prizes will be paid in cash.  Players can participate in skins once their league handicap is established (after one round of league play).  Players must play with at least one other player who will validate submitted scores.

If you have any questions regarding this league, please contact league managers, Larry Kappel or Chuck Farnsworth.  If any other potential members would be interested in assisting with league operations they are welcome to join us.

Larry Kappel (303) 638-2062, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or

Chuck Farnsworth (720) 600-1838 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


SADDLEBACK Ladies & Gentlemen Senior’s League



  1. League play is an 18-Hole tournament on Wednesday each week. Rounds will be played in pre-reserved T times for the league beginning at or about 8:00 AM.

  2. T times and group make up will be assigned by the coordinators prior to a league play day and will be sent to members prior to play.

  3. Handicaps are league specific and based on league scores only. League handicaps are based on the best three of the most recent five league scores. A league handicap is produced after one league score is entered into the system. A GHIN number is not required for this league. If players have a GHIN handicap number, they should enter a league score into the GHIN system on their own. League management will not enter league scores into the GHIN system.

  4. Men play from either Silver, White or Blue tees (nominally white) and women from Silver or White (nominally Silver). Handicaps will be adjusted based on the tees played in accordance with the USGA formula for players competing from different tees. For Saddleback the adjustments are as follows: Women playing from the Silver tees, add 3 strokes to the league handicap. Women playing from the White tees add 6 strokes. Men playing from the silver tees subtract 3 strokes from the league handicap. Men playing from the white tees use the league handicap and men playing from the blue tees add 3 strokes to the league handicap. The software used for league management makes this adjustment automatically when players are entered in the tournament management software with specific tees identified. There is no need for players to make any adjustment on their own. Gross scores on a hole by hole basis are to be kept by players and turned into league management at the end of the round. Net scores may be kept by players but only gross scores are required and will be entered into the software. The software computes net scores on a hole by hole basis using the tournament handicap for that day.

  5. There is a $20 league member fee to be paid, in cash to league management, on or prior to beginning league play. The entry fee for each week’s tournament is $5, cash, paid at check-in to the league coordinator. The entry fee must be paid prior to the round being played and is required to be entered in the tournament. The $20 league member fee is used to pay for a luncheon at the final day league scramble tournament.

  6. Entry fee for the optional weekly skins play is $2.00 (cash). Skins are awarded on a net score basis and require at least one league score before a player qualifies for the skins game. The skins entry fee is to be paid to league management prior to the round beginning.

  7. For 2019 and following there will be a hole in one payout created as was discussed at the end of league play in 2018. There is a $5 (cash) entry fee for the competition which will only be paid out upon the first hole in one scored by any player from the tees that player normally plays. When or if a hole in one occurs, the pot will be re- established by all members who wish to continue to participate with another $5 entry fee. If, subsequent to the establishment of the hole in one pot, a player later decides to join the competition he or she may do so in the calendar year (2019) it was initially established. If there are no holes in one achieved in 2019 and a player wishes to join in 2020 or beyond a new pot for those new players will be established. The players who participated in 2019 will automatically roll into the pot in 2020 without additional cost (assuming no hole in one in 2019) and if one of the original players scores a hole in one in 2020 he or she will be paid the entire pot. However, if a player who joined the competition for the first time in 2020 scores a hole in one that player will only be paid the contributions from new players that year. The 2019 contributions remain in the pot for those players until a hole in one is scored by one of them.

  1. Complete your scorecard with Hole-by-Hole gross scores, full names and signatures for the 18 holes of league play clearly indicating the tees played. Turn scorecards into league management immediately after the round is played. Each player is to initial their scoresheet as validation. Scores will be entered in the league software sometime after the round has been played and awards determined after all scorecards have been submitted. After awards have been determined an email will be sent to all players giving the results.

  2. Scores will be entered in league specific software by the league managers. Players must designate to league management which tees they are playing prior to beginning the round as this will determine the handicap for league play that day.


  1. USGA rules along with the local rules apply to each weekly tournament.

  2. There are no flights in the Senior league. Players choose which tees they will play from as noted above. Tee selection must be made and reported to league management prior to playing the round. Ideally, players will not change tees from week to week. One change, during the season, will be allowed.

  3. Placement prizes and skins awards are determined by a completed and signed scorecard.

  4. Wednesday League placement awards, closest to pin on par 3’s and long putt awardsare paid in clubhouse credits. Skins and any hole in one awards are paid in cash. Number of placement and proximity awards are determined by the number of players in the tournament that day in accordance with the payout schedule maintained by the league coordinators and available for inspection by any player at any time.

  1. Player placement prizes are determined by net scoring. When scores are tied, winners are decided by a ‘scorecard playoff’ starting with the lowest handicap hole (#15 for all players) and proceeding to the next lowest handicap hole(s) until the tie is broken.

  2. Skins play is optional. Skins game entry fee ($2.00) and must be paid prior to tee off to be eligible to play in the skins game. In the skins game one tie all tie an any given hole and thus a skin would not be paid on any hole containing at least one tie.

  3. League play entry fee refunds cannot be made because of weather. The play entry fee is confirmed once the player has teed from the first hole of play. 







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