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    EZ Tournaments / Outings

7 Reasons why you should have your tournament at Saddleback

  1. We are the best at FUN-raising (new games/events for your participants) Not a bunch of trite games your participants are sick of...
  2. Online (secure) credit card processing for your event for participant registration and sponsor(s) payment processing (for up to invoice amount due to Saddleback, only 3% for surplus amounts)
  3. Complimentary copy of our award-winning "Bestiest Tournament Guide" (everything you wanted to know about running a successful event/tournament, but were afraid to ask)
  4. We will handle as much (or as little) of your event as your deem necessary
  5. Friday is NOT a weekend day. Other courses seem to think it is.
  6. The most majestic view of the front range
  7. Did you read the #4 reason?

General information, rates, requests for events, a calendar of events,and our exclusive Join-a-Tourney should answer all of your questions...

...if not, feel free to contact us at (303) 833-5000 or toll free at 855 433 4653 (855 433 GOLF).

Get Directions 8631 Frontier Street, Firestone, CO 80504 | Reservations: (303) 833-5000|