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    Shaft Optimizer Session

Shaft Optimizer Session  Next Shaft Optimizer Day: TBD
Today's fitting technology goes beyond just telling you what 'flex' shaft (regular, stiff, senior, ladies) you should use, it can tell you the EXACT club shaft (brand/model) you should be using based on how YOU load and unload the club's energy during YOUR swing.  This is no longer an estimate or broad category assessment.  Find out which shaft is best for YOUR swing and then try different club heads with THAT shaft to see which one performs and feels best for you.
  • 30-Minute Session ($55)
    • Best shaft with multiple alternatives
    • For irons or driver
    • Exact brand, model, length, weight and lie angle (for irons)
    • Try the recommended shaft(s) with various club heads (as session time allows if components are on-site)
    • Optional Launch Monitor Data Comparison: Additional $40 and add 20 minutes to the length of the session 
    • Half of session cost credited back towards any Saddleback golf club purchase made within 14 days of the session (can not be combined with other credits, discounts or promotions).
    • Shaft Optimizer Days: Discounted 30-Minute sessions for $35 (no credit towards club purchase) Text Paul to reserve your time: 970.556.0873
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Vendor Tech Reps on Site for Fittng Days

Private Fitting Sessions Delivered by Saddleback Instructors:

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