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    How Saddleback Does

This archive is dedicated to "How Saddleback Does...."


(certain things that perhaps we shouldn't )

They are meant to be fun, entertaining, educational, or ???
We hope you enjoy them. Just Click on the title you would like to see.
Thanks, and as always have PHUN!

  1. ...Childrens' Face Painting
  2. Adopt a golf ball (our rescue program)
  3. Grip removal and regripping
  4. Got loft? enough to clear a bunker edge or a tree?
  5. FootGolf
  6. SnowGolf Day
  7. New Fall hours according to an Englishman
  8. GOLF SWING MADE EASY if you can keep one swing thought
  9. How to repair a ball mark on a green (15-second video)
  10. Shotgun start with Josh
  11. Mimosas
  12. Mimosa Special
  13. Joke of the day with Don
  14. Joke of the day with Corporal DeWitt
  15. Joke of the day with Rosalind Ham
  16. Joke of the day with Steve Pinsky
  17. Joke of the day with Snoop Jack
  18. Joke of the day with Notorious G.I.B.
  19. Joke of the day with LL Donnie G
  20. Joke of the day with J&J
  21. Millennial Speak
  22. How a Stimp Meter works
  23. Aerify
  24. How to hit a 'bump and run' shot 
  25. Recipe: Aioli sauce
  26. How to repair a ball mark (and get a free drink)
  27. T-Rex on a golf board
  28. United Passenger attempts to play as a 5-some
  29. How to reshaft a driver
  30. Cocktail recipe: Old Fashioned
  31. Cocktail recipe: Cosmopolitan
  32. Cocktail recipe: Fruit Booty 69
  33. Cocktail recipe: Little Mermaid
  34. Cocktail recipe: Sex on the beach
  35. Cocktai recipe: Flaming Dr Pepper
  36. Cocktail recipe: Moscow Mule
  37. Super Nerdy pumphouse operation at Saddleback Golf Course
  38. Merchandiser of the year
  39. The Pavilion at Saddleback golf course
  40. our new clubhouse walkabout with some sweet whistling
  41. Whitey and Lanna beg Front Range bank for some money
  42. Hey Hero! Time to get outside. Quarantine is over and your friends are imaginary
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