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As you can probably imagine
Saddleback Golf Course receives many requests each week for charitable donations

We would love to help them all, but we just can't

We get swamped with requests for golf
(especially in the Spring/Summer)
and simply can’t be that charitable.

We gladly donate to charities such as:
Children with serious illnesses or disabilities,
Doctors without Borders (and the like),
Relief for disabled people fundraisers,
Veteran’s fundraisers, etc.

We do not donate to:
Scholarship funds,
donations for school trips,
ball team uniforms etc

With a lot of thought (painful as it may be for us)
we came up with the following list of STUFF that we ask of you…

Submit An Online Formal Request

Online Donation

Name of Charity(*)
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Address of Charity(*)
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Date of Event(*)
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Are you a customer of Saddleback(*)
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How many times a year do you visit(*)

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Are you an IRS recognized non-profit(*)
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While we are processing your online request,
send us a self addressed / stamped envelope (letter size)
with the following information:

* Your request must be received a minimum of 31 days prior to your event date.

* Not for profit (501c), is preferred, but not required.
If you are an IRS recognized charity, provide that documentation in your mailed request.

* Your request must be submitted, in writing, on official entity letterhead.

* All requests must come from an official of the entity making the request.

* If you are not an official non-profit, please state clearly what the charity is.

Mail your requests to:

Saddleback Golf Course
8631 Frontier Street
Firestone CO 80504
attn.: Donation Request

We will process your request in a timely manner.

Keep in mind, we do not guarantee approval of any request.

We wish you well in your fundraising efforts

Phone calls and requests made in person will be referred to this website page.
Please don’t call or stop by if you are pursuing donations
(if the last sentence wasn’t clear enough)

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